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Transfer Money in a Minute with Secure Way

All you need is internet access to send money to your family from anywhere, giving you access 24/7 to meet your needs.

Family back in Ethiopia and Eritrea are only a minute away to receive your transfer. Hassle-free and promote service you can rely on.

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24/7 Services

Send money for your family & friends 24/7 from home, walking or travelling.

Instant Cashout

FetanPay uses the latest technology to ensure that the transfers of money are quick without any delays.

Fully Encrypted

Our online system is fully encrypted and protected by SSL.

Safe and Secure

Our state-of-the-art FinTech system protects your money and guarantees it arrives securely and safely every time.

Our Process

Transfer Money Fast and Easily

FetanPay uses the latest technology to ensure that the transfers of money is quick without any delays. Our Online and Mobile App are easy to and quick to use. Register => Enter the amount => Enter the beneficary detail =>Send. That is it ! Done.

Fast Transfer

Send Money Anytime, Anywhere In a Minute

Now, it is your turn. Use the secure and fast system to send money for your beloved family or friends or any of your good purpose.

We are always available to assist and answer any of your questions. We love our customers.

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Our Services

Our Ways of Transfer Money

You have three options for the friends and families get the money cash collection from the bank or direct bank transfer or mobile transfer.

Cash Pickup

Your families and friends can pick the cash directly from the bank

Mobile Banking

Your family or friends can get the money on their mobile

Bank Deposite

We securely deposit your money in your freinds and families account

Our Features

Access your money anytime, anywhere in the world

We are updating you the status of your transaction. You can also securely log in and check the status too.

You can access our system from anywhere only you need internet and your mobile or tablet or laptop.

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