We Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer Money

Our Mission

FetanPays mission is to create a better way to send money in a cost-effective, faster, secured, and compliant proofed platform for Ethiopian and Eritrean origin diaspora clients living in the UK and USA.

The business is initiated by professionals who have huge experience in business start-up and FinTech.

Our Vision

FetanPays has the vision to expand quickly in Europe, Middle East, Australia, Canada and Africa as major corridors of money transfer to East Africa.
The timing directly suite with East Africa political settlements between neighboring countries.
FetanPays is using a secured, fast, state of art Money Transfer Platform to license/purchase which bullet-proofed through FCA.

What we Do For You

FetanPays makes the whole end-to-end process easy, simple, transparent and secure.

We Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer Money

Only a few simple steps required to transfer money to your family wherever you may be either online or our mobile app.

Give Your Information to Sender

You can get live status of the transaction and be notified once the money been received by the beneficiary.

Security is our upmost priority

You can rest assured with your money as FetanPays deploys highly secure and state of the art technology for our remittance service.

Why Choose us

FetanPays provides quality service with a low transfer fee.

Fast Transfer

Account transfer transactions are credited to the beneficiary account instantly without any delay.

Low cost

    FetanPays offers highly competitive transaction fee.

Trusted and secure

The highly secure system will protect your sensitive data.

Complete Solution

FetanPays provides an end-to-end online solution.

Our Partners

Our Partner Programs

FetanPays works closely with the leading Remittance FenTech software providers and major banks such as Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Eritrea.