Easy and Fast Way to Send Money

Now, it is your turn. Use the secured and fast system to send money for your beloved family or friends or any of your good purpose. We are always available to assist and answer any of your question. We love our customers.

  • 1 Select Country

    Choose where do you need to send to? We have Ethiopia and Eritrea for the time being.

  • 2 Register

    Register in the system if you are first time user. It is simple self-guided.

  • 3 Input Information

    Enter how do you want the beneficiary receive it? Cash pickup or Bank deposit or Mobile Money

  • 4 Confirm and Send

    Enter the amount you want to send. Our sending fee is small and the exchange rate is updated.

Why you send money with Our payment service

FetanPays provides a cost effective, faster, secured, and compliant proofed system.

  • We transfer the money for your family and friends on time.
  • We are using the most secured system.
  • Our system is easy to use from anywhere at any time.
  • We are charging a reasonable transfer fee comparing to banks and other remittance.
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Secure Payment With Low Transfer Fees

Our state of art FinTech system protects your money and guarantees it arrives securely every time. FetanPays is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the online system is protected by SSL.

Secure Payment Service

Your money is in safe hands. FetanPays is using the robust and state of art money transfer software which fulfilling the compliance requirement which regulated by FCA regulation.

Low Cost and Fast transfer

FetanPays competitive transfer fee and bank exchange rates make it one of the best in the market. More of your money will go forward to your family and beloveds.

Fast and Easy to use

FetanPay uses the latest technology to ensure that the transfers of money are quick without any delays. Our Online and Mobile App are easy to and quick to use.

How Does Our Payment System Works?

Our Online and Mobile App are easy to and quick to use. Register => Enter the amount => enter the beneficiary detail =>Send. That is it! Done.

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